Flights & Travels is specialized in on-demand flights and a wide range of services in the touristic sector. The experience of the owners began in the ‘80s in the aviation sectors with years of experience in the management of private airlines and continued in the hotel accommodation and hospitality. The main office is in Lugano Agno Airport (Switzerland) and a branch is located on the Island of Elba (Tuscany – Italy).

Flights & Travels offers expertise in flight operations to niche markets. The mission is to create a complete system of services dedicate to the final customers. Our customers are: associations, travel agencies, airports, entrepreneurs, companies, private clients.

We offer our Know how to establish regular flights chains, availability of booking system, operations managements, ground handling agreements with airports, slot allocation application, relationship with any CAA in Europe and more.

Flights & Travels has a general mandate to manage European business on behalf of the airline Silver Air from Czech Republic. The Airline Silver Air is well known in Italy since 2010. They used to base a LET410 (17 seater aircraft) on the Island of Elba for summer flight operations.

The airline won in 2020 the tender to perform scheduled flights from Elba to the mainland (Pisa, Florence and Milano). Since 2014 Silver Air operates regular flights from Lugano to Elba and from Summer 2022 Silver Air opened the new destination Bologna – Elba.

Flights & Travels in partnership with the airline Silver Air, has afforded the 3 year contract for the “continuità territoriale Isola d’Elba” on behalf of the Italian Government and Region Tuscany from 2020 to 2023 with great professionalism and seriousness.

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Office of Lugano Agno – Ph. +41 91 6001754
Office of Marina di Campo, Elba – Ph. +39 0565 971030