Silver air operates a fleet of Let 410 Turbolet. It is a short-range aircraft for transport, produced by Manufacturer LetKunovice in the Czech Republick and employed principally for passenger service: The Let 410 flew for the first time in 1969 with more than 1.100 examples produced, and is the most popular aircraft of its kind.

17 seats, equipped with two Walter M601E motors, rotors with 5 blades and winglet on wing edges.

The aircraft utilized for Elba connections is a Let 410-UVP-E, bi-turboprop in the version of 16-seater + flight assistance and baggage hold. This aircraft is as a small liner, comfortable and spacious, one of the few of its category capable to operate on short runways such as Marina di Campo (Elba) with its 940 meters.

Although not pressurized, the level of noise internally is not particularly bothersome.


  • Maximum Speed: 388 km/h (210 kt)
  • Cruising Speed: 311 km/h (168 kt)
  • Speed of slope: 468 m/min (1.535 ft/min)
  • Autonomy: 1.040 km (562 nmi)
  • Service quota: 7.000 m (22 966 ft)
  • Note: Mod. L-410UVP-E