Special Assistances

Rights of people with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility on air transportation CE Regulation 1107/2006. Assistance to disabled, during their time at the airport, is now responsibility of airport operators of European Union. This includes any cause of disability, such as learning difficulties, but also the age.

Airlines must give information to airport operator in advance so that they can be offered an adequate service. To allow Silver Air to transmit all requests to the operator, please contact call center at least 48 hours in advance.

Passengers with reduced mobility

Disabled Passengers

In compliance with the provisions of security standards, Silver Air limits the number of passengers with reduced mobility in its aircrafts. Therefore, whenever a passenger needs assistance when boarding, going up and down the steps and taking his/her place inside the aircraft, such requirements must be communicated while booking the flight. Passengers with reduced mobility due to an ongoing clinical condition, with broken limbs and women in their last month of pregnancy require a medical certification to be accepted on board issued within 7 days before departure date.
Passengers with special needs should inform the airline at the time of booking though our call Center, so that the company may arrange for the necessary assistance. In order to ensure the best possible services when boarding, during the flight and disembarking, passengers with reduced mobility that need special assistance must check-in at least 60 minutes before departure within time limit check-in.
The company could decide to not accept passengers without medical certification, if request, or if it will be incomplete.

Blind passengers

Unaccompanied blind passengers can be accepted in a limited number on each flight, in accordance with the security standards of the Airline. Requests for this type of assistance should be made during the reservation stage and only through our Call Centre in order for the Airline to be able to make all the necessary arrangements. Guide dogs travel free of charge and the request to board such pets on the plane must be made during the booking phase. Moreover, the dog must be leashed and muzzled. Up to two unaccompanied blind passengers are allowed on board Silver Air flights. There are no limits for the transportation of accompanied blind passengers.

Unaccompanied minors

Silver Air accept unaccompanied minors from 6 to 12 years of age on board all their flights.
– It’s possible to request assistance for unaccompanied minors through the Silver Air Call Center.

For information and reservations, contact the Call Center at info@flightsandtravels.ch or calling to the dedicated numbers:

Italy +39 0565 971030 + mob + 39 333 5209158 or + 39 340 349 4210
Switzerland +41 91 6001754

The service cannot be booked on our website.
The cost of the service (ticket office fees excluded) for each unaccompanied minor is 60,00 euro per leg
The availability for such assistance is limited on each flight: it is therefore recommended to make such reservations as early as possible.

Boarding procedures

It is recommended to arrive at the check in for safety operations at least 1 hour before flight departure. Minors will be received by the check-in ground staff: they will wait with the ground staff before boarding and will be accompanied on board the aircraft where they will be handed over to the cabin attendant. Important: when making the reservation, the Customer must communicate the name and contact number (possibly a mobile) of the person that will be escorting the minor on departure and the person who will pick them up on arrival after presenting relative ID. The escort on departure will have to stay at the airport until the aircraft takes off, in case of flight cancellation. On arrival, the ground staff will take care of the minor until the arrival of the parents or relatives, it’s required to be punctual.